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    The Fedcap Group President and CEO Christine McMahon with Board Member Lynn Morgen at the March 11th event celebrating Chris' 10 years of leadership and service!

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    Mark O'Donoghue, Board Chair, The Fedcap Group

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    Bill Grinker, NY Legend and longtime mentor to the Fedcap Group and Ken Brezenoff, General Counsel & Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, The Fedcap Group

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    Esther White, Director, Vocational Rehabilitation, The Fedcap Group, and Lyell Ritchie, Vice President, Strategic Business Development, The Fedcap Group

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    Guest; Robin Fisk, Senior Vice President, Occupational Health, The Fedcap Group, and Don Harreld, Senior Vice President, Education, The Fedcap Group and Executive Director, Easterseals

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    Bill Grinker and Mark O'Donoghue

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    Tammy Michelson, Director of Systems and Applications, The Fedcap Group; Marianne Gribbon, Senior Director, Childhood Programs, Easterseals, and Don Harreld

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    Christine, McMahon; Chuck Wardell, Board Member, The Fedcap Group, and Peter Samuels, Board Member, The Fedcap Group, and Chairman, Wildcat

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    Peter Samuels and Valentina Morales, Senior Director of Justice Initiatives, The Fedcap Group

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    Aisha Lucas, Vice President, Home Care, The Fedcap Group; Miriam Pickett, Manager, Human Resources, The Fedcap Group, and Rhonda Lowe, Manager, Clinical Services, The Fedcap Group,

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    Duncan Milne, Vice President, Dixon Center; Elise Balboni, Senior Vice Preisdent, Economic Development, The Fedcap Group; Col. David Sutherland, Co-Founder and Chairman, Dixon Center; Guest, and Steven Zarnfaller, Corporate Giving, The Fedcap Group

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    Christine McMahon and Ariana Casasanto, Events Manager, The Fedcap Group

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    Dennis Sze, Director, Financial Operations, The Fedcap Group; Marcia Salovitz, Executive Director, WeCare, Fedcap Inc., and Grant Collins, President, Fedcap Inc.

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    Christine McMahon and Bill Grinker

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    Michael Friedman, Board Chair, Easterseals New York; Lynn Morgen, Board Member, The Fedcap Group, and Steve Coons, President, Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

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    Larry Ach, Board Chair, Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc., and Joe Giannetto, former COO, The Fedcap Group

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    Peter Samuels; Karen Wegmann, Chief Financial Officer, The Fedcap Group, and Michael Weinstein, Board Chair, ReServe

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    Christine McMahon and Michael Friedman

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    Steve Coons; Mark O'Donoghue; Christine McMahon, and Richard Fursland, Board member, The Fedcap Group

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    Christine McMahon and Wil Edwards, Culinary Initiative Project Coordinator, The Fedcap Group



The Fedcap Group: 2018 in Review

A nonprofit founded in 1935, Fedcap develops innovative solutions, creating opportunities for people with barriers to economic well-being.

The Fedcap Group celebrated President and CEO Christine McMahon's first 10 years of extraordinary, impactful service at an event on March 11th! Click "read more" to view a photo gallery.

On March 26th, The Fedcap Group is holding its 17th Solution Series! The event will take place at the Westin NY Grand Central in the Madison Ballroom, 212 E. 42nd Street in Manhattan from 8 a.m.—9:30 a.m. This Solution Series is focused on the topic of Socially Responsible Investing.Please click here to register. 



On Monday November 26th The Fedcap Group held its 2018 Celebration of the Power of Possible Gala—Innovation to Impact at Cipriani in Manhattan. Click "read more" to view a photo gallery and learn more about the event. 

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