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    Congratulations to Fedcap's 2018 Graduating Class!

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    (left to right) Don Harreld, Senior VP, Education; student speakers Jonathan Colon, Christina Patrone and Wayne Rhone; Fedcap board member Larry Ach

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    Excited graduates waiting for the ceremony to begin take selfies to remember the moment.

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    (left to right) Fedcap board members Larry Ach and Malvina Kay; Steve Coons, VP Facilities Management

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    Fedcap President and CEO Christine McMahon addresses the graduating class of 2018.

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    Don Harreld, Senior VP of Education, leads Fedcap 2018 graduates in cheers.

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    Mark O'Donoghue, Fedcap Board Chair, handed out diplomas to the proud graduates.

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    Gloria Henry, Fedcap's 2018 Educator of the Year, with security graduate Jonathan Shapiro and family member.

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    Student speaker Wayne Rhone after the ceremony, with friends who came out to cheer him on.

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    Fedcap School 2018 Valedictorian Al Basheer Campbell

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    Fedcap School Graduation (L to R): Keynote Speaker Eric Waters, Donald J. Harreld, Fedcap Senior VP, Education; Robin Pelletier, Deputy Director, Education Practice, Fedcap & Easterseals New York; Hassan Abdulhaqq, Fedcap Senior Director, Talent Acquisition;Luanne Macri, Fedcap School Director, and Rebecca Borg, Fedcap School Principal

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    Fedcap School graduates Zaire Hernandez, AJ Jones, Tanisha Jones, James Ling and Deiby Mieses

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    Fedcap School Salutatorian Leslie Arrington

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    Happy 2018 graduates of Easterseals New York Child Development Centers

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    Getting ready for the big moment - Easterseals New York 2018 Child Development Centers graduation ceremonies.

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    Here come the Easterseals New York 2018 Child Development Centers graduates!

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    Spring Cocktail Party honoree Tina Luongo, Attorney-in-Charge, Criminal Defense Practice, Legal Aid Society; Social Entrepreneur Herb Sturz; Wildcat Chair and Fedcap Board Member Peter Samuels

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    A full house at the Mezzanine for Fedcap's Spring Cocktail Party to honor the work of Wildcat

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    Diane Giannetto; Joe Giannetto, former Fedcap COO; Fedcap CEO Christine McMahon; Tod Marvin, CEO, Easterseals Central Texas; Fedcap COO Karen Wegmann

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    Valentina Morales, Fedcap Senior Director, Justice Initiatives; Amanda Brown, Outreach Coordinator, Fedcap Rikers projects; Consumer Speaker Shauntae Klass

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    Wildcat Founder Herb Sturz; Fedcap CSO Lorrie Lutz; Peter Samuels, Wildcat Chair and Fedcap Board Member

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    Social Entrepreneur Bill Grinker feels the love from Mimi Grinker and Fedcap CEO Christine McMahon

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    Grant Collins (r) Fedcap Senior VP, Workforce Development, presents WorkStar award to Sean Cullen, Business Administrator, Uncommon Goods



Circle of Life Award: Laura Traynor

A nonprofit founded in 1935, Fedcap develops innovative solutions, creating opportunities for people with barriers to economic well-being.

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Graduation is a special time – one of life’s milestones. It is a celebration of all we have accomplished, and a stepping stone into a future full of possibility and promise. At Fedcap, graduation takes on special meaning because our graduates have overcome so much to receive their diplomas, and contemplate the next chapter of their lives with a renewed sense of hope. 

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