Fedcap Events

2015 Celebration of Work

November 30, 2015 | The Pierre Hotel 

“The most important message you leave here with tonight is that every human being, no matter the circumstances that they were born in, is deserving of dignity and respect.”

These powerful words, spoken by Tom Moran, Chairman and CEO of Mutual of America, reflected the spirit of Fedcap’s 2015 Celebration of Work Gala, which took place on November 30th at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan. Mr. Moran, a noted philanthropist and exemplar of giving back, was this year’s recipient of Fedcap’s prestigious Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award.  

The theme of the evening – dignity and respect through work – was echoed by each of the evening’s speakers.  The evening opened with a video that provided an overview of Fedcap’s work in 2015, a year in which we impacted over 100,000 lives and our combinations with agencies that share our commitment to excellence and service – The Way to Work, Wildcat, ReServe, Community Work Services, and in 2015, Easter Seals New York. This extraordinary family of agencies enables us to expand our impact throughout the nation and overseas – changing service-delivery systems and bringing the dignity of work to more individuals, families, and communities. 

Fedcap board chair Mark O’Donoghue highlighted the Power of Possible – providing employment opportunities for individuals with barriers, so that they can know the dignity of providing for themselves and their families.

Emmy-winning sportscaster Ed Lucas, Fedcap’s 2015 Excellence in Media Award winner, thanked Fedcap for helping those who are struggling to overcome barriers. Mr. Lucas, who is blind, has often described blindness not as a handicap but simply as a mere inconvenience.  He is an ideal role model for Fedcap’s consumers, and his core message - to never, ever give up - resonated with the Gala audience, and was exemplified by the three consumers who introduced the honorees.     

The consumers – Jennifer Garcia, Luis Dejesus and Antoine Wood - all shared stories of overcoming hardships with the help and support of Fedcap, to ultimately gain employment and climb their chosen career ladder. With words, poetry and tears, they demonstrated what it means to garner the self-esteem and dignity that come with hard work and perseverance.    

Fedcap board members Lynn Morgen, Larry Ach, Peter Aschkenasy, Anoop Dhakad, and Ken Raisler all echoed the message of respect and dignity through work, clearly demonstrating their dedication and hard work in service to Fedcap’s mission, growth, and innovation.

ISS Facility Services, Inc., a leading provider of integrated facility services, was presented with Fedcap’s Distinguished Corporate Partner Award. Accepting the award was Peter Ankerstjerne, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Group Marketing for ISS World Services A/S. Mr. Ankerstjerne shared that visiting a Fedcap workforce training site provided him with a new perspective on how individuals can be helped to realize their full potential. “ISS is very proud to be associated with Fedcap,” he said. 

Fedcap President and CEO Christine McMahon spoke eloquently about the work of Fedcap and the many opportunities that lie ahead. Fedcap has grown since the agency was founded 80 years ago, expanding its reach and its mission nationally and internationally. Ms. McMahon made it clear that it is Fedcap’s job not only to change with the times but to lead the change, and to continue to drive innovation and growth, honoring those who came before us.