Senior Management

Lorrie Lutz
Chief Strategy Officer

Lorrie L. Lutz is the Chief Strategy Officer of Fedcap, overseeing strategic planning, innovations in program design, strategic communications, the Community Impact Institute, the National Center for Innovation and System Improvement, the Leadership Academy and Fedcap’s Metrics That Matter initiative.  

Prior to coming to Fedcap, Ms. Lutz served as the President of L3 P Associates, a consulting firm specializing in enhancing the quality of social services.  She authored numerous white paper and is nationally recognized for her expertise in child welfare, juvenile justice and system reform.  Her most recent publications include: “Using Workforce Development Strategies to Move Youth in Foster Care to College-From Foster Care to Self Sufficiency”; “Relationship Between Resource Families, Birth Families and the System of Care;  “Recruitment of Resource Families-The Promise and the Paradox”; “Achieving Permanence For Children- A Daunting Challenge” and Promising Practices in Adoption Competent Mental Health Services”.

Ms. Lutz’ past professional experience includes serving as the Director of the Division for Children Youth and Families for the State of New Hampshire, Bureau Chief for Family Services for the State of Idaho, Director of Community Services for Fort Leonard Wood Missouri, and Director of Community Programs for Catholic Charities in Minnesota.  

Ms. Lutz received her undergraduate degree in Social Work at the University of Minnesota and her graduate degrees in Human Resources and Public Policy Administration from Webster University in St. Louis.