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Fedcap School Students Connect2Careers™

Fedcap School Connect2CareersFedcap School students explored the professional worlds of a barber, a superior court judge, a locksmith, a U.S. marshal, a recording artist, a city comptroller, a landscaper, a professional football player and many others during a great Connect2Careers™ event.

As you know, Fedcap Connect2Careers events feature professionals from 30-50 varied fields and up to 200 young people. Each youth spends a focused 15 minutes with up to five professionals, learning about potential career options and meeting adults who can serve as mentors and door-openers. As part of our Personal Branding program, each youth comes to Connect2Careers with a resume, business cards and self-marketing skills that they can test in a real-world setting. Later, they work with our staff to review feedback from the career representatives they met.

On January 24th, 28 students at Fedcap’s special-needs high school in Orange, NJ, engaged in animated conversations with 21 professionals which continued long after the official session moved on to lunch. Three of the professionals who work in public schools commented that our students had the best attitudes and manners they’ve seen among teen-agers in a long time!

The students were excited and inspired by role models from the local community including recording artist Alexis Houston and NFL player Joe Porter. City of Newark Comptroller Danielle Smith offered an internship in her office. Three of the other professionals volunteered to mentor our students. And Fedcap made and deepened important relationships that will reap continuing benefits for the people we serve.