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Fedcap's 2012 Home Health Aides of the Year

Each year, Fedcap Home Care has an opportunity to honor some of our Home Health Aides for particularly outstanding work. Congratulations to Grace Dugbo, Li Lian Huang, Milagros Melendez, Warren Ng and Sonya Whitmore, who will receive their awards tonight at a ceremony sponsored by the New York City Chapter of the New York State Association of Health Care Providers. 

Grace Dugbo
HHA of the YearFedcap honors Home Care Worker of the Year Grace Dugbo! A Fedcap Home Care trained and employed Home Health Aide since March 2005, Ms. Dugbo is highly dependable, prepared for any situation and goes above and beyond to ensure that her patients are comfortable. Currently she works with a patient who is paralyzed. She’s always willing to travel to care for patients in any New York City borough and in any weather. Ms. Dugbo explains that her dedication and empathy comes from her own experiences while she was living in Nigeria, her native country: “I was sick for a long time and after I recovered, I made a solemn vow to help sick people.” Fedcap Home Care helped her to fulfill her vow. “To be in this line of work you have to filled with compassion and empathy for others,” she says.

Li Lian Huang
HHA of the YearFedcap honors Home Care Worker of the Year Li Lian Huang! A nurse in her native China, Ms. Huang had to re-train to work in healthcare in the United States. In just two years with Fedcap, Ms. Huang has received extensive praise from her patients and supervisors such as for being “a very hard worker, dependable and extremely flexible” and “always willing to go above and beyond her call of duty.” Like all of this year’s winners, Ms. Huang is always willing to travel to any New York City borough and never complains about the distance she travels to see patients. “I have the background knowledge, and Fedcap had a training program that appealed to me,” she says. “My patients are teaching me as much as I’m helping them. Fedcap gives a lot of chances to people who want to work.” 

Milagros Melendez
HHA of the YearFedcap honors Home Care Worker of the Year Milagros Melendez! Ms. Melendez left another agency to join Fedcap Home Care in March 2000. Ms. Melendez is a wonderful team player and often forms warm relationships with patients and their families. She closely observes any changes in patients’ health condition and promptly reports them to their nurses and doctors. Ms. Melendez immigrated to New York from the Dominican Republic In 1970, and Fedcap allowed her to pursue a career in her chosen field. “I like to help people,” she says. “When I find patients feeling sick and unhappy and their outlook and health improves while in my care, this makes me feel good and very happy.” 

Warren Ng
HHAYFedcap honors Home Care Worker of the Year Warren Ng! “We knew he was special the day he walked in,” said Mr. Ng’s supervisor. “He has a wonderful work ethic and excels in his role even under difficult conditions. The patients’ families feel comfortable with him.” Mr. Ng, who joined Fedcap in 2011, previously worked in construction – but his mother and aunt are Home Health Aides and encouraged him to apply to Fedcap. He currently cares for a patient with Parkinson’s Disease. “His body has betrayed him and I can understand his frustration,” Mr. Ng says. “It’s rewarding to have an impact and it feels good to see the smile on his face when I can help ease his discomfort.”

Sonya Whitmore
HHAYFedcap honors Home Care Worker of the Year Sonya Whitmore! Ms. Whitmore joined Fedcap Home Care in February 2005 and has excelled as a Home Health Aide and in administrative roles. She has cared for more than 150 patients, showing extraordinary tact and personal warmth, and patients often request her to return. She always faithfully communicates changes in patient’s clinical conditions to their nurses and doctors. Ms. Whitmore sought out Fedcap after she was laid off from her job at a newspaper; years previously, she served as a volunteer at the Isabella Geriatric Center in Washington Heights helping elderly people. “This job is very complex, and you have to be a people person,” she says. “You have to know where they’re coming from and how to deal with people. All of this is a learning experience. I just like what I do.”