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Ladders for Leaders High-Impact Internship Celebration

Ladder for Leaders High-Impact Internships

Suzanne LynneOn Wednesday, August 21, 80 people including 40+ interns, board members, donors, government and business partners participated in the Ladders for Leaders High-Impact Internship Celebration at Club 101 in Manhattan. Suzanne Lynne, Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Youth and Community Development, the agency who funded this effort, offered welcoming comments, followed by a video that depicted the internship experience of four very impressive young adults.

Dr. Roque Gerald, Fedcap Sr. Vice President for Educational Services, introduced one of our interns who talked about her experience at Baby Buggies, helping young mothers learn how to parent their children. “I learned to be confident…I found my voice through this internship.”       

Juan Brea, COO of HealthCorps, then offered an inspirational message to the youth in the room. “I went from being a lowly file clerk, to a high level executive at American Express in just seven years because adults cared about me and supported me along my professional journey. This internship experience is your foundation and I encourage you to build on it, network and leverage the relationships to reach your professional dreams.” 

Ladders for Leaders High-Impact Interns

The youth then shared information on their experiences answering questions about the internship. “I was most surprised by how much they trusted me and gave me significant responsibilities ….”   "I was challenged to learn how to present myself in such a professional environment…”   “I thought I knew what I wanted to do in life, but this internship changed by direction…”  “ I cannot thank my supervisor enough for providing me a fulfilling experience and for taking such interest in me and my life…” 

A sincere thank you to Fedcap Board members, donors and business representatives who made these High-Impact Internship experiences possible.