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ReServe Launches in Boston

ReServe, a Fedcap subsidiary that matches 55+ professionals with nonprofits and government agencies that need them, launched Thursday in Greater Boston.

ReServe helps organizations of all sizes, budgets and missions tap into affordable talent to fill crucial staffing gaps and advance their goals with part-time specialists eager to do great things for their communities. ReServists come from all walks of life and earn a modest stipend while sharing their expertise in rewarding part-time service opportunities that benefit their communities.

“I had been looking for an opportunity to give back to the community and earn a bit of money at the same time,” said Alan Greenfield, a high-tech entrepreneur and marketing executive now working as an Earned Income Tax Coordinator through ReServe Greater Boston. “I apply skills built up over my career, I’m exercising my brain by learning new information and developing new skills and I’m working for a good cause.”

By targeting ReServists on an issue like access to college for low-income students, the program can have a major impact on unmet social needs. For example, ReServists at New York City high schools mentor and coach students to help them stay in school and apply for college and financial aid; others work in public libraries helping youth and adults learn English, move toward a GED and get job-ready.

“ReServe provides Boston’s non-profit and public agencies with the additional talent and person power to address growing social needs,” said Jerry Rubin, CEO of JVS, which operates the ReServe Greater Boston affiliate in collaboration with the nonprofit Discovering What’s Next. “It expands capacity at a time of limited public and private funding, to address priorities such as the Mayor and Governor’s focus on college readiness and completion.”

Founded in 2005, ReServe operates in Baltimore, Miami, Milwaukee, Newark, New York City, Westchester County and now Greater Boston, with some 3,000 ReServists and 300 partner organizations registered nationwide. ReServe combined with Fedcap in 2012.

“Thousands of talented, educated, active and socially aware baby boomers reach retirement age every day,” said Christine McMahon, Fedcap President and CEO. “Meanwhile, nonprofits and government agencies struggle to meet greater needs with scarcer resources. ReServe connects the two, helping the public and non-profit sectors tap into this vital and varied talent pool in ways they otherwise could not afford, to build capacity and magnify their impact.”

A launch event at the Boston Foundation Thursday was attended by many nonprofit leaders and featured remarks from Jack Rosenthal, ReServe co-founder and Chairman and President Emeritus of the New York Times Company Foundation; JVS CEO Jerry Rubin; Phyllis Segal, Chair of the ReServe Greater Boston Advisory Group and VP, Encore.org, and Andrew Wolk, founder and CEO of the nonprofit research and consulting firm Root Cause.