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Fedcap 2018 Graduation Celebrates New Beginnings

I live to see the sun break through the storm, if you remember sunshine on your darkest day, just follow what your heart says and you will find a way. Strong hearts just keep on going, that is why I am still standing here today.” — Christine Patron, 2018 Career Design School Graduation Speaker

Graduation is a special time – one of life’s milestones. It is a celebration of all we have accomplished, and a stepping stone into a future full of possibility and promise.

A celebratory spirit was palpable at Fedcap’s Career Design School graduation on June 27th at John Jay College. So many of our graduates showed extraordinary courage as they overcame barriers and hardships to walk the stage, in cap and gown, to receive their diplomas. Looking to the future with a renewed sense of direction and hope, the joy in their faces – and those of their families, instructors, mentors and friends – was an inspiration to all.

There is really nothing that can stop us from achieving our dreams if we persevere,” Christine McMahon, Fedcap’s President and CEO, told the jubilant crowd. “Keep listening to that inner voice that says, ‘I can do this - I can make a difference.’”

Graduate speakers spoke powerfully their journey to get to the stage. Now on pathways to careers, and with a joyous sense of new beginnings, they thanked their mentors and instructors at Fedcap. This year the Educator of the Year award was given to security instructor Gloria Henry. Gloria is beloved by her students and with a combination of strength and kindness, she is absolutely committed to ensuring that all of her students succeed.

Family members from across generations were there to celebrate with the graduates. During the ceremony, as the graduates were called to receive diplomas, their cheers and applause was deafening. After the event, family groups gathered in the lobby to exchange hugs and kisses and shed tears, as the newly-minted graduates posed for pictures and flung their caps high in the air. “There is something very special about celebrating the success of a loved one,” said Fedcap Board Chair Mark O’Donoghue.

Congratulations to our Graduation Class of 2018!