Save the Date

On October 3rd, we will be holding our 14th biannual Solution Series. The topic is The Employment of People with Disabilities: Moving Beyond Social Responsibility to a Business Solution. The event takes place on Tuesday October 3rd at 8 a.m. at Mutual of America, 320 Park Avenue in Manhattan. Please click here to register.

Employing people with disabilities is a matter of equity and fairness - and good for business. The 57 million individuals in the U.S. who have a disability can do the same work as anyone else. Absenteeism and turnover is lower among workers with disabilities, customers prefer companies with inclusive hiring policies, financial incentives and tax credits are available, and the cost of workplace accommodation is low. Yet the national employment rate for people with disabilities is the U.S. is only around 20 percent. As a nation, we are failing to tap the incredible energy and productivity of this potential workforce.

We will explore the reasons why this is so, and examine what leading companies are doing to hire and retain people with disabilities. I am thrilled that we are hosting this important event, which touches so directly on the work of Fedcap and has such broad implications for the business community.