InSynergy Staffing Solutions

InSynergy Staffing Solutions

     Welcome to the world of talent and collaboration. Welcome to InSynergy.

InSynergy Staffing SolutionsInSynergy is a dynamic full service staffing solutions company focused on bringing the experience and talent of the 55+ worker to organizations that need their expertise.

InSynergy is powered by the leadership of Fedcap, an organization with over 80 years experience in helping people achieve economic independence through workforce development and job creation. We are leaders in workforce development — and our impact is seen in the lives we change and the successful placements we create each day.

  • —For the 55+ worker, InSynergy will offer you job readiness assessment and resources for skills development, along with targeted job placement to match your skills and experience with companies that need your specific talents.  
  • InSynergy Staffing Solutions—For our clients — InSynergy will present you with a pool of pre-screened, experienced  professionals, with skills and qualifications that meet your individual needs. You will be introduced to experienced professionals that have been vetted and supported by placement professionals that understand your requirements.
  • —InSynergy’s pool of talent is built on recruiting and staffing by experienced specialists connected to the growing community the 55+ talent. We continuously review our database of candidates, matching skills to the current job market, and keep current with the anticipated demand of our clients. We will take the time to assess your needs and assure that the prospective candidate is the right and best match for you. 
















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