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Fedcap Bronx Grand Opening

Fedcap brings jobs to the Bronx!

Fedcap is bringing jobs to the Bronx. Since 1935, the New York-based nonprofit has helped thousands of people with disabilities and other barriers become employable and find jobs doing essential work in Fedcap’s own and others’ businesses. Employers from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to Geico have long turned to Fedcap’s Socially Responsible Outsourcing™ to fulfill the services they need for operational excellence, while helping to create economic opportunity for all Americans.

On March 24, 2011, Fedcap officially opens its new Bronx headquarters in the historic BankNote building in Hunts Point. This location will initially house operations of Fedcap’s Production Services Division, which provides mailroom services to commercial and government clients including the New York City Council, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, and the New York City Fire Department. An initial 15 jobs is projected to grow to 150.

“This opening marks the launch of Fedcap’s commitment to the Bronx,” said Christine McMahon, Fedcap president and CEO. “We could have placed this operation anywhere in the region; we went where it’s needed the most. The Bronx suffers from unemployment and poverty far above regional and national averages. And even the worst group statistics are always more severe among people with disabilities, returning veterans, and others facing similar barriers.

"Fedcap creates well-paying, permanent jobs with medical benefits and hopeful futures for local people in New York, New Jersey and Washington, DC. But jobs alone aren't enough to break the cycles of poverty and need. Fedcap reaches out to communities to understand their comprehensive challenges, and then calls on and partners with other nonprofits and agencies to help us meet them. In the Bronx, for example, we’ll be working with local agencies to operate a mental health clinic. Also, in partnership with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services and a grant from AmeriCorps, we’re reviewing support services for veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq to the South Bronx.

"This is Fedcap's future, leading a holistic, integrated approach to communities in need. In this new model, each organization or agency brings to the table what each knows best how to do – and we all also commit to shared, broader objectives that reflect real, lasting change.” For more information or to request a press pass to attend the March 24 opening event, call 212-727-4200.

To learn more about how Fedcap can work with you or your business, call 212-727-4200.