Fedcap Events

Washingtonians for Children Pre-Launch

Fedcap held a pre-launch event Dec. 12 to introduce our newest division, Washingtonians for Children, which will make higher education and sustainable employment a reality for young people who have been in foster care.  

More than 70 people – including child-welfare officials, DC-based nonprofits, and prospective partners and donors – joined us at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel to hear about how investing our collective time, energy and resources in this new initiative will change the story for young people leaving foster care.

The evening’s star speaker was Jaleesa Suell, who grew up in foster care and now attends George Washington University. Ms. Suell eloquently illustrated the challenges facing young people who have spent time in foster care – and the limitless human potential just waiting to be tapped.

Across the country today, only about 10% of foster youth go to college and only 1% graduate. Washingtonians for Children will work with the District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency and other official and nonprofit service-providers to help young people build networks of informed, caring “Life Coaches,” succeed in high school and college, and enter the workforce as strong, independent adults – who are committed to giving back by helping those who follow them.

Official launch is scheduled for early 2012.