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Connect2Careers™ - helping students look forward professionally

Fedcap introduced more than 80 schoolchildren to a wealth of possibilities with our first Connect2Careers™ event on Feb. 16.

C2C01Professionals representing more than 30 careers spent the morning with students from P.S. 811X The Academy for Career and Living Skills, P.S. 168 and P.U.L.S.E. High School in the Bronx, as well as students from the Fedcap School in Orange, NJ.

“I really encourage you to get the most out of today,” Fedcap Board member Michael Brenner told the students. “Talk to many people, ask questions and learn. Find out about what the opportunities are.

C2C02“Try and do work that you enjoy,” he continued, passing along wisdom he received from his father. “And get good at whatever you do. Because if you’re good at whatever you do, you will do well.” Mr. Brenner (whose father never graduated from high school) is Chief Resource at Brenner Executive Resources, Inc., with a distinguished career in executive coaching and human resources consulting.

Each student chose four careers to explore, changing tables for each 15-minute round. The gym at P.S. 811X was humming as career representatives explained their work and connected their own careers to each student’s interests. The students, prepared with resumes and business cards, got a taste of real-world self-presentation plus the opportunity to learn about working as a police officer, security guard, lawyer, journalist, designer, zoo-worker, and many other roles.

“I was really impressed by the students’ attentiveness and willingness to learn about how a radio station operates,” said David Tucker O'Shaughnessy, President of Whitney Radio, WVOX 1460 AM/WVIP 93.5 FM.

C2C03“All young people need inspiration and support and exciting ideas to draw them forward into a happy and self-sufficient adulthood,” said Lorrie Lutz, Fedcap Chief Strategy Officer, who oversees Fedcap’s Youth and Young Adult Services and created Connect2Careers. “With events like this, we can add to the efforts of parents, teachers and children’s services by leveraging the goodwill and expertise of many other adults who want to help young people achieve their best possible futures. We thank the principals and staffs of P.S. 811X, P.S. 168 and P.U.L.S.E. High School for helping make this launch event a success, and a special thanks to PENCIL -- their help with set-up and registration was invaluable!”