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Fedcap Hosts Listening Session in the South Bronx April 22

Contact: Tavish Donahue / Fedcap / 212.727.4324 

Fedcap’s community forum and listening session to find out what South Bronx residents feel the core needs of their community are so Fedcap can be part of the solution.

NEW YORK, April 14, 2010 – After 75 years spent helping people with barriers achieve economic independence, Fedcap, a Manhattan-based nonprofit, is interested in learning the needs and desires of South Bronx residents in order to offer services that will help create sustainable solutions for the community. To get feedback from local residents and a sense of what needs Fedcap should prepare to meet, Fedcap will host a community forum and listening session at the Hunts Point Branch Library on April 22 at 3pm. The library is located at 877 Southern Blvd (at Tiffany St.) in the Bronx. This is the third in a series of listening sessions that will be held monthly through July.

For the bulk of its history Fedcap has helped people with barriers achieve independence through workforce development, vocational training and job creation. “As Fedcap prepares to expand its services and open locations in the south Bronx, we would like to ensure that we are part of a sustainable solution in the South Bronx and that we are asking the right questions to help solve some of the socioeconomic problems affecting neighborhoods in the South Bronx,” said Mark O’Donoghue, President of Fedcap’s Board of Directors. “Fedcap is expanding into the South Bronx with an open mind, ready to listen and learn what kind of changes a nonprofit can make in a low-income area by targeting its services to the community’s needs.”

“The South Bronx and the Bronx as a whole has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation and the highest in New York City at 14.1%. As an organization that creates over 1,000 jobs in the New York City area each year, Fedcap is uniquely positioned to help the South Bronx overcome a difficult economic situation,” said Christine McMahon, Fedcap’s CEO. “We are eager to hear from community leaders, local residents, business leaders, and fellow social services organizations so we can better gauge the community’s needs and desires and offer solutions through our programs and services, which range from vocational training to mental health services. We are also interested in creating creative partnerships with fellow social services organizations and businesses which have a strong presence in the community.”