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Majora Carter, champion of environmental urban development and a native of Hunts Point, brainstormed with Wildcat program youths on August 19th about how to help their communities.

Carter founded Sustainable South Bronx and now runs an economic and planning consultancy; she also hosts the public radio program The Promised Land. 

Carter presented her vision for redeveloping the Spofford Avenue area into a business-attracting community. She asked for feedback from 40 students in Wildcat’s Summer Youth Employment Program (a NYC Department of Youth & Community Development initiative). Staff in attendance also included alumni from Wildcat’s Young Adult Internship Program (also DYCD) and its Emerging and Transitional Worker program (a NYS Department of Labor initiative).

Majora Carter02It’s a great synergy. In March, Fedcap, the parent of Wildcat Service Corp., opened a new business operation in the South Bronx with plans for 150 jobs within the next few years. Fedcap had spent the prior two years listening to local parents, employers, community organizations, city agencies and elected officials, surveying the employed, the under-employed and the unemployed about the complex challenges that keep so much of the Bronx in severe poverty. In response, in addition to its business and its youth programs, Fedcap will open a mental health treatment center in the Bronx later this year.

Majora Carter03“We could have put the business and these jobs almost anywhere around New York City – we put them in the Bronx because that’s where they were needed the most,” says Fedcap President and CEO Christine McMahon. “Jobs alone – even jobs with medical benefits – aren’t going to do it for the Bronx. This community has so many critical needs. So we will keep reaching out to fellow agencies, and fellow nonprofits, and everyone else who is helping in the ways that they do best.”

“We look forward to continuing the conversation we began with Majora today,” said Maricela Brea, Wildcat senior director of youth development.

Majora Carter04