News from Fedcap

Fedcap 2017 Staff Leadership Forum

On Thursday September 29th, staff from across the Fedcap family of agencies participated in the Staff Leadership Forum. Attendees were invited by leadership to hear a series of talks and participate in discussions and exercises about the state of the agency, and the nature and dimensions of leadership in the nonprofit environment.

Fedcap President and CEO Christine McMahon kicked off the event by providing a “state of the agency” discussion that touched on the central strategic drivers of leadership’s vision – sustainable, relevant impact. Board Chair Mark O’Donoghue thanked current leadership for their vision in expanding the agencies’ geographic footprint, and services to a growing number of individuals, families and communities.

Practice area leaders Grant Collins, Don Harreld and Robin Fisk provided overviews of, respectively, the agency’s Workforce Development, Education, and Occupational Health practice areas. Chief Strategy Officer Lorrie Lutz offered an insightful presentation of the all-important metrics that measure impact, while Chief Financial Officer Karen Wegmann provided an update on finances. Other agency leaders discussed current and planned initiatives, and the brands that comprise the Fedcap family of agencies.

Staff attendees participated in thought-provoking exercises designed both to build teamwork, and highlight the leadership qualities that are needed to carry the agency forward in meeting long-term strategic goals. The event served as a powerful engagement mechanism for staff, and reinforced the concept of “the cube” – the idea that the agency’s multiple components support and strengthen each other, and that as a family of agencies, we are truly better together.