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Fedcap and Rutgers University Host Delegation from China

On Tuesday, October 14th, Fedcap, in partnership with the Rutgers University School of Social Work and Beijing Normal University, hosted a diverse group of 23 professionals from China on a U.S. Study Tour as part of their Executive Master of Philanthropy (EMP) and Non-Profit Management studies. 

Delegation visit to Ellis IslandThe EMP is a one-year certificate program jointly run by the China Philanthropy Research Institute (CPRI) and the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy (IUPUI). It is the first executive education program in China to focus on strategic and operational challenges in the philanthropic sector.

“We welcome the opportunity to engage in dialogue with our international counterparts,” said Fedcap CEO Christine McMahon.  “We applaud Rutgers for their work in fostering mutual understanding between the nonprofit sectors in the United States and China, and look forward to similar types of opportunities in our productive and ongoing partnership.”

Delegation visit to Ellis Island

Fedcap leadership, Rutgers faculty and staff and members of the Chinese delegation met at Battery Park and took the ferry to Ellis Island. After everyone enjoyed a lunch provided by Rutgers and Fedcap, Joe Giannetto, Fedcap’s COO,  presented on the background of our total facility management business and then introduced Fernando Santiago, who through a translator told his story to members of the delegation.  Mr. Santiago, after a troubled youth and period of incarceration, entered Fedcap’s facilities management training program in 2003. The next year he began working with a Fedcap facilities maintenance crew on Ellis Island, and was soon promoted to team leader. Today Mr. Santiago, who is married with three children, leads a maintenance crew at the Statue of Liberty.  

Fernando Santiago

Members of the delegation were impressed by Mr. Santiago’s achievements, and the fact that workers with significant barriers to employment can rebuild lives and embark on careers at nonprofit organizations like Fedcap. They were impressed by the way that Fedcap empowers people through competitive wages, and by helping to build leadership skills and self-esteem.

“China’s nascent nonprofit sector only emerged within the last decade, following the accumulation of private wealth after the nation opened up its markets to global trade in the 1970s”, said Andy Germak, Executive Director, Center for Leadership and Management and Professor of Professional Practice, School of Social Work, Rutgers.

The EMP program targets high-ranking executives from the business and nonprofit – in China they are called non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – sectors. The delegation included leaders of the China Philanthropy Research Institute; executives from leading pharmaceutical, banking, construction, media, food and technology companies, and the General Secretaries of the China Social Welfare and Social Assistance Foundations. 

Delegation VisitMr. Germak was thrilled that the Fedcap/Rutgers partnership is part of the burgeoning dialogue between the U.S. and Chinese nonprofit sectors – yet another example of this successful and mutually beneficial partnership.  

“It is very important for Rutgers to be connected to community agencies like Fedcap,” said Mr. Germak.  “This partnership bridges the University/community divide and we are thrilled to be a part of it.”  

After more questions, delegation members visited the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, and had an opportunity to have their pictures taken against a backdrop of the Statue of Liberty.  

“This event was equally rewarding for us and for the delegation,” said Fedcap COO Joe Giannetto. “Our partnership with Rutgers is one we greatly value and we look forward to hosting more of these types of events in the future.”