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ReServe Rolls Out ReServED Monthly Workshop and Lecture Series
Life ReimaginedReServe has rolled out a series of monthly workshop to bring additional value to the ReServe community.

The ReServED initiative seeks to provide ReServists with resources beyond work placements. Each month in 2015, ReServe will sponsor an interactive, thought-provoking lecture or workshop related to continued participation in community life and/or the workforce.

“The idea behind ReServED is to strengthen the community that already exists among ReServists and our partner organizations,” said Noelle Minter, ReServe Assistant Director. “Through ReServED, ReServists can strengthen their skills and address various issues pertaining to returning to the workforce.’   

Life Reimagined

On January 22nd, the ReServED monthly workshop series kicked off with an exclusive look into AARP's new Life Reimagined program. ReServe partnered with AARP to offer three Life Reimagined workshops in January at AARP's office in Midtown Manhattan. Life Reimagined is about opening the door to new possibilities, and the workshops provide participants with tools, resources and inspirational content to help them decide what to do in the next stages of their lives. 

Workshop facilitator William Hamer, a nonprofit development executive who has been through the Life Reimagined program, praised the efforts of ReServe and AARP in presenting the workshops. 

William Hamer“ReServe and Life Reimagined are a perfect marriage,” he said. “ReServists are exploring new possibilities and looking to give back, and Life Reimagined lets them take a deeper look at their passions and commitments, while helping them stay connected to people who are having the same experience.”

During the workshop participants introduced themselves and talked about “triggers,” or events that drive major life changes. Some reported feeling stuck. Others wanted to develop new skills or pursue interests and passions they never had time for. Some talked about losing loved ones or jobs, and becoming ReServists to give back to the community.

‘Triggers can be a launching point for new possibilities,” Hamer said. “Reimagining ourselves can help us understand our purpose in life.”

Life ReimaginedFor the next ReServED workshop, over 60 people gathered at Fedcap headquarters on February 19 to hear author and activist Ashton Applewhite discuss ageism, and common misperceptions related to age and aging. Applewhite is the author of a terrific blog, Yo, is this Ageist? and a presentation, This Chair Rocks, that dispels myths about the later stages of life.

In an era of longer life expectancy, chronological age is less of an indicator of what individuals are truly capable of. Applewhite dispelled myths about aging and mobility, memory, sex and intimacy, and the belief that health care costs for the elderly are always higher. Only about three percent of the approximately 4,800 people over the age of 65 who pass away every day in the United States incurred medical costs that are considered very expensive.

“In a political system that doesn’t way to pay for the health care of its most vulnerable citizens, the greatest worry for people who are aging is becoming a burden to family,” she said.  

Life ReimaginedApplewhite offered some wonderful tips to the enthusiastic audience. We are all older persons in training, she said, as she asked them to visualize their 90-year-old selves, and then imagine their current selves walking into the room. What would the elder self say to the younger? Probably you would tell them to take risks, travel, go to shows, use your imagination and pursue your passions.

“We need to overturn the notion that for two-thirds of our life we are in decline,” she said. “The more you understand about aging the more accepting you are of older people.”