Wildcat Service Corp.

In 2012, Fedcap combined with Wildcat Service Corp., renowned for pioneering work with New York City’s ex-offenders, disconnected youth, public assistance recipients and unemployed individuals, and for such innovations as the Wall Street Private/Public Partnership and the Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP).

NIP provides transitional employment and vocational and work-readiness training to public assistance recipients, ex-offenders and/or residents of homeless shelters. Participants spend two days a week in class and three days cleaning and beautifying neighborhoods hit hard by the foreclosure crisis.

For inquiries about NIP, contact Michael Dunne, mdunne@fedcap.org.

Wildcat also operates Back to Work, the NYC Human Resources Administration program to provide training and job placement to cash assistance recipients, and several Bronx-based youth programs.

Back to Work is located at 210 East 43rd Street in Manhattan.

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